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Petminded is the labor of love of a team of pet obsessed humans. We have always considered our pets to be family and believe that sharing meaningful experiences with them is an expression of our love. We support our pet-loving community with our expertise, network, and a high dose of empathy. So whether it's dining out with your dog, bringing them on a work trip or exploring a new destination with her - we want to assist in making that experience memorable for both of you.

The seeds for Petminded were planted in 2011 when Sonali relocated from San Francisco to New York with her kitty Naomi. While Naomi’s health permitted, they were able to travel back and forth from the east to the west coast for holidays and work trips numerous times. More recently, Sonali and her husband adopted a five-year-old pup called Ella, and discovered that she suffered from separation anxiety. As avid travelers, they decided to test out Ella's willingness to travel with them. And luckily, she flourished and become more confident by visiting new places and spending quality time with her pawrents!

Over time, Sonali started planning more extensive trips with Ella and also began helping friends and family plot their own pet-friendly adventures. It eventually occurred to her to build Petminded to serve a broader audience of pet owners.

Today, Petminded aspires to be the best travel planner for pets and their owners. We are proud to have developed a curated network of experts with backgrounds in travel, dog training, and pet wellness to serve the needs of our community.

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