Best Reasons To Travel With Your Pet

3 min read

Travel with pets is increasing in leaps and bounds. Many of us have seen pictures of happy pups on beaches and fearless kitties on hiking trails, and thought to ourselves, “That looks fun, but is that really a good idea?”

Obviously, the team at Petminded is fully on board with this trend (and slightly biased too!) but we understand that not everyone has caught on yet. So to make our case to any pet travel skeptics out there, we compiled our top reasons for bringing our pets with us on our travels:

  1. Your pet’s personality: My dog Ellie is super anxious when left alone even for a few hours (much less days). Her vet and trainer diagnosed her with separation anxiety in the first few months after we adopted her. This was stressful for us because we love to travel. But we didn’t want Ellie to be miserable while we were off vacationing! Bringing her on our trips has been much easier on everyone because she is a happy camper wherever she goes with us
  2. It’s so fun: Bringing our dog Elie on vacation has been so much more fun than we expected. We have chased squirrels in Hudson valley, ran on the beach in Los Angeles and played in the snow in Vermont! She is a joyful little traveler who reminds us to fully enjoy every moment on vacation
  3. It’s easier than you might think: Traveling with your pet is complicated but doable. Use a travel checklist to get started and then consult with your vet or trainer or even a travel expert on any concerns you may have. Your first few trips may need additional planning and preparation but it will be well worth it to see their happy faces next to yours when you are enjoying a Pina Colada by the pool!
  4. Hotels, airlines and other businesses are becoming more pet friendly and some actively cater to your furry friend with organic treats and luxury services. (Check out our blog on these pet friendly hotels in the US)
  5. It costs the same or might even be cheaper than leaving them at home: Unless you have family and friends who can care for your pet when you are gone, Finding a trustworthy kennel or a sitter is a time consuming and expensive proposition. You may want to crunch the numbers to assess whether the pet sitting fees are greater than the travel fees. We realized that for trips longer than 5 days within North America bringing Ellie was slightly cheaper and way more fun!

We do want to mention, that even if all of these reasons are valid for you, there are instances when traveling with your pet may not be a good idea. Our pets depend on us to do the right thing for them, so if you are ever in doubt about their ability to travel its a good idea to check with your vet.

On a personal note, I really enjoyed traveling with my kitty Naomi until she got much older and her health was failing. Once I knew that she would be more comfortable at home, I found a great sitter so that we would both have peace of mind. It was the right decision for both of us.